LeverageCore Competency / Core CompetenciesGo LiveTotal Cost of Ownership (TCO)Critical Path / Issue
Soup to nuts 24/7DashboardKnowledge BaseBasicallyRevenue
Initial AssessmentRun it up the flagpoleBULLSHIT BINGO
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Deep diveStrategizeTop Of The GameCapacityGame Plan
Market WindowMoving/Going ForwardUp to speedConnectivityCall to Action
CompellingOpportunityReal-TimeCompetitiveFault Tolerant
TransformativeDue dilligenceDemographicBottom LineVision statement
Synergy / SynergiesCenter of ExcellenceBULLSHIT BINGO
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Reuse / ReusabilityEngage
At the end of the dayTop Of The GameBenchmarkHerding CatsStreamline
StrategizeDiscoveryRevenueCustomer ServiceBack to the drawing board
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