Wipe the slate cleanAbsolutelyHit pay dirtMarket leaderFiring on all cylinders
Lead the fieldHands of approachGet the ball rollingQuantum shiftMaximize profits
The cutting edgeWhole nine yardsCLICHE BINGO
(free square)
All over the mapwake-up call
Run it up the flag poleLet the chips fall where they mayGet everybody on the same pageElephant in the roomDown and dirty
Find our niche marketState of the arthigh-res thinkingThe big boysTalk shop
high-res thinkingAll over the mapThe cutting edgeTeam playerTalk shop
Let the chips fall where they mayHit pay dirtWhole nine yardsCircle the wagonsThe ball is in their court
wake-up callAbsolutelyCLICHE BINGO
(free square)
Maximize profitsThe big boys
Find our niche marketStop and refocusGet the ball rollingSweeten the potFiring on all cylinders
Lead the fieldRun it up the flag poleHands of approachDown and dirtyMarket leader
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