viReverse EngineerLots Of EffortKnowledge BaseNon-Trivial
ModularIterationUptimeVery ComplexShould Work
Mission CriticalLow-Hanging FruitSOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT BINGO
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AJAXOut of the box
Open SourceFlexibleFrameworkPluggable ArchitectureTechnical Debt
BandwidthTurnkeyETAAgileExtensible Architecture
Open SourceThe Sandbox Is DownReuse / ReusabilityReverse EngineerAgile
ETAOne LinerBackendPrioritiseOrthogonal
Off-lineIntegration / IntegratedSOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT BINGO
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Lots Of EffortMission Critical
Out of pocketLow-Hanging FruitPHPShould WorkTotal Cost of Ownership (TCO)
About An Hour Of WorkModularChange ControlOut sourceRequirements
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