Unnecessary slow-moVietnam veteranNosy JournalistCop close to retirementRuns up/down stairs
Good guy outruns natureHacks into Government filesSomeone in a Ventilation DuctWalking away from explosions and not looking backBad guy is English
Government official turns out to be evilRandom objects explodeACTION MOVIE CLICHE BINGO
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Mis-matched partnersBad guy is German
Good guy beats up group of baddies one at a timeHero kicks down a doorGang formed of only ethnic minoritiesCop threatened with suspensionEthnic minority sidekick
Someone has an eye patchCar that doesn't start on first tryInappropriate suit wearingCop eating donutsHero has sex at inappropriate time
Guns that don't need reloadingRuns up/down stairsFruit cart is knocked overUnnecessary slow-moVietnam veteran
Ethnic minority sidekickHelicopter.Someone in a Ventilation DuctCar that doesn't start on first tryKidnapped relative
Cop close to retirementGood guy sustains lots of injuries and survivesACTION MOVIE CLICHE BINGO
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Survives big fall without parachuteHero kicks down a door
Good guy beats up group of baddies one at a timeInappropriate suit wearingPerson slides under closing doorGun out of bulletsGood guy realizes he loves ex-wife
Gang formed of only ethnic minoritiesSomeone has an eye patchNosy JournalistGood guy outruns natureHero has sex at inappropriate time
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