Deepwater HorizonBlowout PreventerWe Are Doing Everything To Fix ItWe Are CollaboratingWe Don't Deserve This
We Concerned About PeopleEverything Is FineAlmost Nothing Has EscapedWill Be Fixed TomorrowWorking Hard To Fix
We Have A PlanOil Dispersants2010 BP OIL SPILL BINGO
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Top KillOil Slick
It's A Small LeakThe Environmental Impact Is Very LowWe Will Pay For The DamageContainment BoomWe Are Sorry
Only 5000 Barrels A DayGulf CoastContainment DomePlug The HoleWe Don't Hide Anything
Top KillIt's A Small LeakWe Don't Deserve ThisContainment BoomGulf Coast
We Are Doing Everything To Fix ItOil DispersantsWorking Hard To FixBlowout PreventerPlug The Hole
Almost Nothing Has EscapedContainment Dome2010 BP OIL SPILL BINGO
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We Concerned About PeopleEverything Is Fine
We Don't Hide AnythingWe Will Pay For The DamageOnly 5000 Barrels A DayOil SlickWe Are Collaborating
We Have A PlanWe Are SorryThe Environmental Impact Is Very LowDeepwater HorizonWill Be Fixed Tomorrow
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