PartnerFunctionalityInitial AssessmentBurn rateVision statement
BandwidthProfit[ability]At the end of the dayRevisitIssues
PortfolioEcosystemBUZZWORD BINGO
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Gap AnalysisPipeline
Action Item / Action ItDifferentiationPortalUp to speedLevel Set
On the back endLean InMonoplyOpportunityBottom Line
GuidanceDue dilligenceOn the back endRevisitTransformative
Virtual / VirtualizationThat being said / Having said thatChallenge[s]LeverageOffline
Band-aidSoup to nuts 24/7BUZZWORD BINGO
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User FriendlyOn The Same Page
AutomatedQuick winLean InBasicallyHigh-Level
AggregateHeavy liftingPerspectiveInnovation / InnovatedReturn on Investment (ROI)
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