Circle the wagonsMarket leaderKnock i out of the parkHit pay dirtSweeten the pot
Team playerThe big boysQuantum shiftTalk shopAll over the map
wake-up callRun it up the flag poleCLICHE BINGO
(free square)
Wipe the slate cleanHands of approach
high-res thinkingDown and dirtyStop and refocusFind our niche marketState of the art
Whole nine yardsGet everybody on the same pageLet the chips fall where they mayThe cutting edgeThe ball is in their court
Hit pay dirtTalk shopMaximize profitsRun it up the flag polehigh-res thinking
Knock i out of the parkThe big boysDown and dirtyState of the artWhole nine yards
Wipe the slate cleanFiring on all cylindersCLICHE BINGO
(free square)
Sweeten the potCircle the wagons
Get everybody on the same pageGet the ball rollingHands of approachStop and refocusQuantum shift
Let the chips fall where they mayElephant in the roomAbsolutelyAll over the mapLead the field
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