SurprisingUntil NowPerfectYou Won'tYou ____ Wrong
RealizedWhat They're Doing ToWill WeWowHere Is How
One Weird TrickThe SecretsCLICK BAIT BINGO
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Would YouAnd It's Devistating
You Have No IdeaYou Need To SeeHere's a Way ToYou Think You KnowBelieve Your Eyes
ReactionsIf You ThoughtGoosebumpsCould This BeAnd Now I'm Scared
And Now I'm ScaredDid TheyOne Weird TrickRealizedWhat Is Happening
You Won'tWhy You Should StopWill WeWarm Your HeartX reasons why
WarningAre You ReadyCLICK BAIT BINGO
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Dare YouAnd It's Devistating
You ____ WrongHere's a Way ToIt Turns OutIf More People KnewIs This
Here Is HowThe Shocking RealityShould WeWould YouShould They
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