'This one time I talked to a feminist and it was bad.'I heart Christian GreySexualized pose - 'Please, will men like me??'EvolutionBrazil
Total non-sequitur'The kitchen is fun!'PolandDenigration of female or feminine characteristics'Drunk sluts deserve rape. This is responsibility!'
My young relative! (female)Equality portrayed as antithetical to feminismWOMEN AGAINST FEMINISM BINGO
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'I feel entitled to compliments.'Anti-reproductive justice picture of actual baby
'Feminists scare me.''Street harassment is compliments.''I suffered gender-based violence but #NotAllMen!''My virginity = my worth!''EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER DONE I DID ALLLL BY MYSELF!'
Straight-up denialMy young relative! (male)"gentlemen"'I need a man.'Bashing clicktivism while on the interwebz