Business[es]AccountabilityTaxes / Taxpayers / Tax PlanJob[s] / Job CreationNuclear Power
IsraelSecurities and Exchange Commision / SEC2008 JOHN MCCAIN BINGO
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EarmarkObama[General] PatraeusWashingtonIran
Greed[Ronald] ReaganRichTransparencyExperience
Taxes / Taxpayers / Tax PlanObamaBailoutPreconditionDefense
Nuclear PowerVeteransIsraelSecurities and Exchange Commision / SECPutin
[William] Ayers[Ronald] Reagan2008 JOHN MCCAIN BINGO
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Wall StreetFannie / Freddie
IraqJoe the PlumberDrill[ing]ExperienceTroops
ReformOil / GasJob[s] / Job CreationBipartisanAmerican[s]
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