CrisisBottom upSigns of recovery$250,000Touch base
WarEarmarkTaxes / Taxpayers / Tax PlanHomeownersScience
ReformOptimistic / Optimisim2008 BARACK OBAMA BINGO
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Senator / SenateRelief for working families
Previous AdministrationLoophole[s]At the end of the dayEmpower (or empowerment)[Alternative] Energy
CampaignUnprecedentedRepublicansMake no mistakeBipartisan
Signs of recoveryDebtStrategic fitMindsetRetirement
Free marketOut of the loop2008 BARACK OBAMA BINGO
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Middle ClassEarmark
Senator / SenateLet me be clearMain StreetStrategy / StrategicAdministration
BenchmarkFannie / FreddieMake no mistakeHealth CareAfghanistan
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