Ancient Earth Mystery Attributed To AliensParallel Worlds or TimelinesHologram"Explain It In English!"Corrupt Police
Long-Winded ExpositionSudden BetrayalLaser BattleJet-packTechno-Babble
Planet With A Single ClimateChess-Inspired GameI HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS
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Turns Out To Be Earth All AlongEscape Pod
Female Shows Her MidriffSomeone In An Access HatchEvil Corporate EntityWise Old MentorRag-Tag Bunch Of Rebels
Device That Kills You And Hurts The Whole Time You're DyingTeleporter FailureSex At An Inappropriate TimeHero Gets MaimedPersonal Vendetta
Memories Are Altered Or WipedSudden BetrayalCorrupt PoliceJesus AllegoryMentor Gets Killed
Jet-packSomeone Thrown Out The AirlockClonesSomeone In An Access HatchRag-Tag Bunch Of Rebels
Unauthorized Medical ExperimentsTechno-BabbleI HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS
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Phasers Set To Stun"We Have To Save Them!"
Subtle RacismExpert With An Outdated WeaponSelf-Aware Robots Or ComputersBritish People From SpaceUnobtanium
Escape PodAnnoying SidekickEvil Corporate EntitySuspended AnimationHero With A Tortured Back Story
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