Mentally ill / SickWas active in communityLoved comediesMisunderstoodHad a dog
Was a good kidReally, really was a good kidHad problems making friendsQuiet/soft spokenLoner
Had non-white friends[Parents crying on TV]WHITE PRIVILEGE
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Friendly and/or sociableHad a bright future
TroubledLoved pizzaDid well in schoolJust a child / kidHad no previous record
[Interviews of people the terrist knows][Photo of terrorist as 5 year old]Enjoyed ____MistreatedGunman / Shooter
[Parents crying on TV]Had non-white friendsLoved comediesReally, really was a good kidMentally ill / Sick
Had a dogHad a bright futureLoved pizzaWas a good kidSmart
[Photo of terrorist as 5 year old]Friendly and/or sociableWHITE PRIVILEGE
(free square)
Did well in schoolMisunderstood
Was active in communityHad no previous recordJust a child / kidGunman / ShooterTroubled
[Interviews of people the terrist knows]Enjoyed ____MistreatedQuiet/soft spokenLoner
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